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Remember to pack...

You need to assume that everything you'll need for this hike, you'll need to bring with you and you'll need to bring with you from home. ie, it's pretty unlikely to be stocking up on hiking gear in Santo.
This isn't as bad as it sounds, as you don't really need to bring that much.
I've created a list below of the gear we brought with us, or should have brought with us (marked with an asterisk):

| Clothing |

Change of socks

Change of underwear

Waterproof jacket (it may rain)

Trousers (convertable to shorts) or just shorts

Two short sleave shirts (you can dry one while wearing the other)



Solid walking shoes (waterproof are ideal)


| Food & Cooking |

*Gas stove & fuel (or lighter for a fire)

*Trangia or other cooking pots



Pocket knife

Water bottles (we carried 2 litres of water per person)

Snacks and food (we bought these in Luganville)

Plastic bags to carry your trash out

| Camping & Sleeping |

2 season tent

Sleeping bag or light blanketsuitable for conditions

Thermarest or sleeping matt


Toilet paper

Plastic spade to dispose of human waste

| Survial |

Mobile phone? (no connection)


First aid kit

| My bag is too light... |


Pack of cards


Altimeter/Themometer watch

Useful Websites

| Useful Information |

Positive Earth
Click on the interactive map for info about West Coast of Santo.

| Weather |

TimeandDate.com - Luganville weather

| Travel Agent |

Wrecks to Rainforest
These guys were really, really helpful. Ask for Julie.

| Getting there |

Virginblue (flights from Australia to Villa)
Air Vanuatu (direct flights to Santo)

| Accommodation |

Luganville Accommodation


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