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About Me

I'm not quite sure why I keep going on holidays and climbing mountains. When I told my friends I was going on a 10 day holiday to Vanuatu, most were envious. When I then went on to tell them that I'd probably be spending about half my trip trying to climb a mountain (which none of them, nor me for that matter) had ever heard of, they weren't so jealous.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy nothing more than sitting on a beach, drinking cocktails, sleeping and swimming. However, after about a day of doing this, I start to get anxious and need something to do. A few years ago, I decided I'd try climbing a mountain for kicks (Mount Kinabalu in Borneo). At just over 4,000 metres, when I reached the summit I was hooked. Climbing mountains is awesome. The challenge of getting there, the difficulty of getting to the top, and then satisfaction of reaching the summit. Knowing that at that moment, I am higher than anyone else in the country. Knowing that where I now stand is a place that is reserved for a lucky few. Just awesome! The feeling is almost as enjoyable as swimming in crystal clear blue waters or getting a massage in some exotic country. ok, almost as good :)

Anyways, I now ensure that each time I travel overseas, I'll do my darndest to climb the highest mountain I can.

I guess I figure, that out there somewhere, there may some other misguided fool like me who might want to do the same. Given that there is often very little information on climbing some of these remote mountains, I figured I'd create a few websites as a guide to what I had to do in order to achieve each goal. So I hope you enjoy.

See you atop a mountain one day!!!


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